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. bob redell is on the scene. bob, you had a chance to dig up information. what have you heard right now? >> reporter: good morning, jon. police just let us up to villa costanza. this is the home where the man was murdered early this morning during the home invasion robbery. what is striking about the property is just how large it is. it is a compound surrounded by brick walls. it seems like it would be a difficult place to break into. this was the scene a couple of hours ago down the road where law enforcement were searching for clues and evidence to explain what happened here and ultimately catch the people responsible. around 1:40 this morning, a woman who lives in the home called 911 who said the home was broken into and ransacked. when police arrived, they found her husband had been killed. they haven't said who did it or how he died. the wife was taken to the hospital. she was hurt. her injuries are not life threatening. >> of all the people who lived here and i have been here 28 years, this is the only couple i don't know. we're very surprised and shocked and taken aback by this.
neighborhood of monte sereno. bob redell with the very latest. bob, we just received new information this morning. >> reporter: yes, this is not only a home invasion investigation, good morning to you, laura, it's also a homicide investigation. here is what we know. this took place in a very large house. we believe it's a mansion up the road. we're being kept several hundred yards away from the crime scene. a police car has us blocked off. this happened a little bit around 1:30, 1:40 this morning. police received a 911 call from a woman inside the home saying that her house had been ransacked. when police arrived, they found that her husband was dead, had been killed. that's the information we have right now. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. so a home invasion robbery took place overnight. unfortunately her husband was killed. we don't know how that happened, whether during a struggle or dealing with the person that broke into the home. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> no answers right now at this hour, just heart break as oakland police search for th
for a burglary suspect in an upscale monte sereno neighborhood. bob redell is live with the very latest for us. bob. >> reporter: well, good morning to you, laura. we've been in touch with the mon monte mo monte sereno and los gatos police department. we're in monte sereno. this is in the south bay. this is a community with a lot of large homes. it's very tight, windy roads and we're at the bottom of one of the roads. you can see campbell police are helping out the monte sereno police department and they have blocked off the road. up that road is where this investigation is going on. what little we know so far is that just before 2:00, around 1:50, there was a possible home invasion robbery. that's all we have right now because we're waiting for this public information officer to get in here. but the fact that monte sereno los gatos police have called in campbell police indicates this is a crime that is requiring a lot of their resources, so much so that they had to call for outside help. so again we're here at the bottom of the road where up the street we believe it's a very large house is th
your drive. christina has the forecast. we'll start off, however, with bob redell live in san jose with a look at how the south bay right now is getting set for the next round of rain and wind. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. not only a second but a third storm as well. we have two more storms that are going to be hitting the bay area. one the first one will be hitting the north bay this afternoon and slowly will be making its way down here to the south bay lingering until saturday afternoon. then it's around that time that this third storm will be coming and it will be going on until sunday. christina loren will have more information on that. of course with these storms will be bringing more rain. you add on top of that the rain received yesterday. the ground will become more saturated. the question is will you need to be piggicking up sand bags. if you live in an area florida t that floods, the answer is yes. if you live on a street that drains slowly, that could be an issue because we're going to be getting hit with back-to-back storms. in places like s
taking place less than two miles from the stanford campus. nbc bay area's bob redell is at the scene right now in palo alto. he has the latest details. what are the police saying? >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. detectives with palo alto police tell us a man tried to sexually assault a woman as she slept inside her apartment here an hawthorne. and he was willing and able to force his way in through a door that was both locked and chained shut. a canine dog tracked his scent for a short time this morning but he managed to escape. one challenge is coming up with a detailed description. the woman doesn't know her attacker. it was dark inside her apartm t apartment. she tells police he was of an average build and wearing dark clothes. she woke to find him standing over her in her bed around 2:00 this morning. he tried to force her back down onto the bed. there was a struggle. she scared him off and he fled out the front door, direction unknown. she immediately called 911. police say they arrived within two minutes. detectives have been interviewing her at the police station this
up in the quiet neighborhood of monte serrino. >> bob redell joins us live. >> reporter: good morning. this is a possible home invasion robbery that took place a little before 2:00 this morning in what we believe is a very large house, possibly a mansion. to give you an idea of just how significant this is in the eyes of the los gatos police department, they have called in help from other agencies. right there is a campbell police officer blocking access to the scene. we're several hundred yards away. presumably they're blocking off because the roads are very narrow. access is tight. they want to keep traffic to a minimum so investigators have space for their vehicles as they work this crime scene. we've spoken with police who tell us a public information officer is on the way. again, a possible home invasion robbery here, a crime that's extremely unusual to be happening in this part of the south bay. bob redell, "today in the bay." >>> we have a follow-up to breaking news we brought you yesterday morning. police say an intruder who broke into a woman's apartment in palo alto tried to
: and i'm bob redell. we've got one storm down, two more to go. what you need to know about the next 72 hours of impending rain. that story coming up. >>> welcome back, everyone. 5:41. top white house negotiators head to capitol hill today to continue talks about avoiding the fiscal cliff. tracie potts joins us live on capitol hill where the meetings will take place. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. one of the key players today will be the bay area's own nancy pelosi. the minority leader now on the house side, her job will be to try to not only come to some sort of agreement with the leadership, but then convince the rest of the democrats in the house that this is a good deal, but we are far from that right now. what's happening today, white house negotiators, tim geithner, the treasury secretary and the white house legislative chair coming here to capitol hill to work with pelosi, john boehner, mitch mcconnell and harry reid to try to get some understanding of what the white house is willing to do here. republicans say what they want to hear is what budget cuts, what spending c
the opportunity with a second term to make a decision. >> but on capitol hill tennessee republican senator bob corker spoke with rice wednesday and later warned the president that the job of secretary of state is held at a higher standard than his other appointees. >>> elsewhere, later today, "time" magazine will release a provocative exclusive. the magazine calls egyptian president mohammed morsi the most important man in the middle east. president morsi tells "time" that although he's been in office only five months, he is promising a parliament and elections in the next coming two months. today, morsi faces unprecedented strikes by the courts as well as massive protests after he granted himself near absolute power while he prepares for a nationwide address stressing unity. >>> last night, new yorkers celebrated the lighting of the world's most famous christmas tree. take a look. >> three, two, one. ♪ >> so beautiful. new york city mayor michael bloomberg did the honors, flipping the switch on more than 30,000 l.e.d. lights covering the 80 foot norway spruce from mount olive, new jersey. i
the first stop of the day today on your nbc station. have a great weekend. >>> n good morning. i'm bob redell. we're going to take you live to the south bay where police are investigating a possible home invasion robbery. that story coming
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these pictures of bobs and find the ones that resemble mine. >> reporter: based on their specific shape, the site gave them a bunch of style recommendations. >> i found a bra i like. i found one that's in my size. >> reporter: up next, featuring fit guides and bras suited just for them. >> i clicked on to full busted bras. these bras are full-coverage bras. >> reporter: so when their bras arrived from each site, did they fit? >> hopefully. >> she has a little bit of cleavage and lift without pulling the bra away from her. >> i feel pretty good, actually. i'm surprised that it fits as well as it does. i feel pinched, scrunched. >> a lot of women don't realize that every stingle time they put on their bra every day, they should adjust the straps. >> reporter: with the fit fixed, she still didn't love the feel of the bra. >> i think i would return it. i think there might be other ones that would fit my style. >> this hasn't converted you to the online bra shopping experience? >> not quite. >> reporter: deidre also purchased this black and pink bra, but it was too small. >> it's s
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11